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Being born and raised in Cheney, KS, I have always valued the wonderful feeling of home.
Following college, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in nursing, I worked at the university of Kansas school of medicine in the PICU for three years before returning to the Wichita area in 2002, at which point I worked in the emergency room at Wesley medical center. I continued nursing for five additional years, until finally realizing my true passion, photography.
In 2007, my husband and two boys finally moved home to Cheney. We purchased a building on Main Street and began a complete renovation. Prior to completion, I found myself busier and busier taking photos of friends and family on the side. Fortunately, the remodel was completed in June and we have been going strong since.
My husband and I now have two boys, Harrison (7) and Jackson (4), and a little girl Landry (6mo). When I am not shooting photos, I am spending time with them. As a family, we love to spend time at the lake, golfing, fishing, doing church activities, and just hanging out.